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About Us

       CTJM LLC was started by two New York lawyers motivated purely out of their love of cigars and shared belief that a good cigar brings absolute equilibrium to an otherwise chaotic world. It is with this belief in mind that CTJM LLC manufactures in the Dominican Republic its inaugural proprietary Nomos line of ultra-premium cigars with distinctive blends of the highest quality well-aged tobacco. The Nomos Cigar is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler surrounded by a flavorful Indonesian binder and finished with a beautiful Cameroon leaf wrapper. Each cigar undergoes our proprietary aging process in climate controlled aging rooms. The result is a unique cigar with consistent taste and smooth, rich notes of flavor worthy of providing a beautiful smoke right down to the last nub. Our company’s goal is to produce cigars with consistency of taste and quality so that the cigars will become synonymous with the world’s best regarded ultra-premium cigars.

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