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                   Our Cigars

The Nomos line of Cigars consists of three sizes: a Toro 6x56, a Lonsdale 6x42, and a Robusto 5x50 with distinct and rich full flavor accomplished with our high quality construction and exclusive aging process. Once our fine cigars are born they immediately begin our exclusive Nomos Aging Process (“NAP”). While each cigar NAPs it continues to develop its unique aroma and flavor that sets itself apart from any other cigar the world over!  Our cigars feature a delicious medium smoke resulting from the finely aged Cameroon wrapper and blend of 8 year old seco Dominican filler and 5 year old Nicaragua criollo filler. The Indonesian Sumatran binder finishes our cigars' ingredients with the finest quality tobacco available. This exclusive blend provides a beautiful smoke right down to the last nub.
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